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Website Disclaimer for anyone viewing our website to gain knowledge about the services and recommended products EnviroCleaning4U provides in various areas in the State of New South Wales in Australia and hereafter referred to as our service areas like in the Hunter, Central Coast, Armidale and Tamworth but not exclusive to these areas.

Warning / Alert
Please be aware that as you browse our website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following disclaimer, together with our terms & conditions of using our website and this includes use of our services by anyone living in our service areas as indicated on our website. We also supply products that we have found to be of a good standard, but we are not responsible for their quality and performance as we do not have any controlling interest in the companies that supply these products. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for these products as determined by the companies responsible for their production and supply in Australia.

Our Services and Recommended Products
As mentioned above our services are currently only available to anyone living in our service areas. If you reside outside these areas, we would not be able to offer our services unless you require our services to be undertaken in our service areas. Property owners or managers residing outside our service areas can access our services and recommended products for their properties in our service areas. We also only deliver the recommended products on our website to people living in our service areas.

The information provided on our website is to give you a reasonable knowledge of our services and recommended products, but this information does not consider your individual needs and requirements and may not be suitable for your specific needs. A decision to provide our services to you is based on a member of our team meeting with you at the property, to be cleaned in our service areas, to determine your individual needs and requirements before we are able to provide a quotation for our services.

There is no agreement to undertake this service or supply our recommended products until our quotation is accepted by the owner or the person responsible for the management and care of the property where our service is to be undertaken or our recommended products delivered according to the terms & conditions of EnviroCleaning4U and the details outlined in our quotations.

All information provided on our website are recommendations only and must not be substituted for our quotation we would provide for your property. Our services and recommended products must be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. This would be incorporated in your quotation that would be provided to you, after our assessment of your property to be serviced or recommended products supplied, by EnviroCleaning4U and/or our affiliates.

Please be aware that should you engage our services it is on the understanding that you have read and accepted our terms & conditions as available on our website. If you require a printed copy, please request this to be added to our quotation when you meet with a member of our team operating in one of our service areas.

Use of Our Website
Our terms & conditions specify that there is no guarantee or warranty for our services or recommended products and that we are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability or damages related to your use of this website or any of the information contained on this website, whether resulting from errors or omissions in the content on this website, or any other linked websites.

Anyone accessing or using this website will be deemed to be bound and expected to comply by our rules that prohibit the misuse of our technology for spamming or harassment or the distribution of illegal or offensive materials. Any form of misconduct including hacking may result in your IP address being blocked. Our intellectual property including our company name, logo, devices and photographs but not limited to these items are subject to copyright and must not be used on any other platforms or for distribution without prior permission from EnviroCleaning4U. If you disagree with any part of this Website Disclaimer or our Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions you must cease accessing our website immediately.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to withdraw this service entirely or in part and any offer(s) presented on this website without prior notice or warning. EnviroCleaning4U has the ability to assign, transfer, and subcontract our rights and obligations under these terms without prior notification or consent.
We also reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and/or this Website Disclaimer without prior notice and it is important that you check these documents each time you visit this website.

Use of this website is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damages arising from the website being inaccessible to any user of the website or any consequences from accessing this website and impacted by website cookies as outlined in our Privacy Policy available at the bottom of this website. Our contact details are provided in our Privacy Policy should you require further information. does not endorse or assume any responsibility for the quality, content or integrity of any advertising on our website or any other linked websites. You must read this Website Disclaimer in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions which are also available at the bottom of this website and that of any other websites that you may access through our website especially for products that we recommend for your use. Although, we recommend our services and products on our website please note that nothing contained on this website should be construed as providing consultation or advice to you.

This Website Disclaimer, our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions for accessing this website and our services or recommended products are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia, and EnviroCleaning4U submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in New South Wales, Australia for the resolution of any and all disputes.

EnviroCleaning4U Website Disclaimer has been complied according to current legislation but please note errors & omissions are excepted (E&OE).